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Shirley Henderson
 Shirley Henderson Catalog (12MB)

January 21st - March 17th, 2024



Born in Newcastle, PA, Shirley Henderson arrived in Miami in 1966 and immediately distinguished herself as a vital member of an early group of teaching artists who arrived in Miami in the 1960's and 1970's. Her students at Miami Dade College and later The University of Miami revered her as an inspirational teacher and role model.

As a committed artist, Shirley continued her development for over four decades as one of Miami's most esteemed artists, including her participation in the then fledgling South Florida Art Center now known as the highly respected Arts Organization, Oolite Arts. Her paintings are experiences in themselves; painted edge to edge with a dense pigmentation referencing both a lyrical figuration and her own personal landscape.

Nationally known as a courtroom illustrator, her large body of work was exhibited at the Miami History Museum in 2010 in a memorable tour de force of an artist at the top of her profession. Henderson retired to Savannah, Georgia where she continued to work on her paintings in her home studio.

For me, when painting, what I take away is as important as what I add. However, it's what's left that matters. This remains true throughout all of my work, past and present. - Shirley Henderson

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