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Guerra de la Paz
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November 26th, 2023 - January 7th, 2024



"We live in a world that is constantly rearranging itself. And presently, an epic reconfiguration of the planet is taking place; causing shifts to the environment and the molecular structure of all living things. Cycle upon cycle, a gradual evolutionary process comes together with every instant of discovery, and ushers in a future where the altering effects of humanity bring forth an entirely new reality.

Based on the repurposing of mass-produced materials and a further exploration of the duality of things, our work follows organic processes of additive methods similar to those found in nature. Both series offer fantastical, animistic formations brought about by way of woven fiber networks and fabrics sewn together tightly as if infused to each other. We also take into consideration the cosmic rules of construction as we manipulate into existence sculptural compositions that evoke synthetic organisms and minerals, merging the geological with the supernatural and integrating artificiality with nature." - GdlP

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