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David Rohn


January 19th - March 1st, 2020



"The work presented takes it's theme, (and materials) from the throw-away, cast-off culture we see becoming ever more apparent: processed food wrapping, plastic toys, construction materials, packaging, and other miscellaneous mass-produced toxic junk that seems more and more to surround and engulf us; junk food, junk gadgets, cast off and dumped, wherever.

The initial concern was the growing colonies of cast-off people living in the streets, under the freeways, in abandoned buildings; survivors of our throw-away wars, collapsed families and communities, the addiction / medication industries, and other traumatizing by-products of a hierarchical, debt / consumption, treadmill culture that has become grotesquely competitive, disconnecting, and merciless.

One way or another, like Nature itself-sprouting through cracks and chinks, climbing across ruins and dumps, people at the bottom survive too.

So this work sought to consider our anthropological trash heap as a telling barometer of where advancement, and progress, and growth, might actually trend alongside record-breaking financial markets and luxury towers... the thrown-away that's less and less hidden, and more and more in plain sight; barren white cubes and pristine interiors notwithstanding."

- David Rohn

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