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Arrow / Lizama / Malm

January 25th - March 15th, 2015



Bridge Red Studios is proud to present three South Florida based artists exhibiting for the first time together; Kevin Arrow, Silvia Lizama, and Mary Malm.

Working in diverse media, using different methods, and coming from distinct backgrounds, these three artists' creative processes begin with the exploration of their environments.

Kevin Arrow

Kevin Arrow says of his work, "My work takes on various forms including, drawing, painting, film and audio based projects, merging my interest in obsolete media, archival tendencies, the ephemeral object and humor. I'm continually seeking to find the sublime within the mundane, and the mundane within the sublime experience, in addition to investigating the interchangeability of both. In the projected works and drawings there is no specific meaning or narrative. The images are organized in a loose poetic manner creating an impression of visual flux that allows the viewer to free associate." Utilizing his extensive archive of images amassed over years of avid collection, Kevin's exploration and combination of these images absent their original context, allows for the formation of new meanings and discovery, as they become connected with new environments and relationships. Born 1962 in Mineola, NY, Kevin Arrow lives and works in South Florida as an artist and as the Art & Collection Manager of the Miami Museum of Science. Arrow's work has been exhibited in various venues including the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, the Miami Art Museum, The De La Cruz Collection, Bas Fisher Invitational, and the Far Side Gallery.

Silvia Lizama

Silvia Lizama is a photographer who explores and documents her environment through specific vantage points that characterize her various series. Lizama's photographs are shot in black and white and are then meticulously hand colored with photographic oils. Of this process she says, "The carefully applied coloring adds to the fictional quality and hopefully makes real the world I witness." Among her many series are the themes of place and subject, including Latin America and Little Havana, Miami Beach and Pool, the Rose Arms Hotel, TV Series, and Window Series, to name a few. Her most recent works, to exhibit at Bridge Red for the first time, document South Florida homes with the various concrete fountains, statues, and reliquaries that grace their lawns. These objects so often seen, are not often thought about as they have become ubiquitous to our local landscape. Lizama's photographs from this series she calls her, 'Lion, Fountain, and Statue Series,' concentrate our attention on the relationships between these homes and the statuary that adorns their property. Born in 1957 in Havana, Cuba, Silvia Lizama came with her family to South Florida in 1960. She received her BFA degree from Barry University where she is now Chair of the Department of Fine Arts, and her MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. Having exhibited locally since 1978, her work has gained national and international attention and has been included in prestigious exhibitions and collections. She has been awarded the Southern Arts Federation Regional Visual Arts Fellowship Grant, as well as the South Florida Cultural Consortium Grant.

Mary Malm

Mary Malm is a painter who investigates her surroundings both immediate and temporal, including the people close to her in real time as well as the people who were part of her past. From living in the West Indies and Bahamas on a boat as a crew member on the Yankee Clipper and Fantome where she learned the art of fine carpentry, to working as a painting conservation technician with Rusty Levenson of Florida Conservation Associates, and then as a scenic painter for television and movies, Mary's diverse and broad interests have informed her as a person and as an artist. Malm made her move to Miami where she began a family and a career as an artist, teacher, and headed the Art Department of Miami International University. Malm attended Norwich Free Academy, and graduated with a diploma in Fine Art, after which she attended Pratt Institute. She completed her education at the University of Miami where she received both her BFA and MFA in Painting, where she received a full scholarship and teaching assistantship, graduating with honors. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in galleries and art centers both regionally and nationally. Her work is in numerous public and private collections.

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