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A 3PQ Collaboration with Gustavo Matamoros

September 21st - October 26th, 2014


3PQ to date is a 7 year relationship. A collaborative, a nucleus of 3, engaged in a constant flux through moments of genuine existential unity and polarity. Comrades reacting to the world opining and debating constantly about the universality of being in a form of alchemy where 3 entities place their phonations in the crucible. Somewhere in the middle inspiration and catharsis is found. The work that manifests through the platform of this collaboration often results in coincidental, accidental, and unexpected connections, that make it possible to question and reexamine the validity of action. Associations and meanings collide, actions become objects, and gestures are recorded in time. This practice of chance and refusal over 'happenstance', formalizes the coincidental and emphasizes the conscience process of collaboration. 'A true democracy.'"

3PQ - consists of Venezeulan born Freddy Jouwayed of Lebanese and American decent, Croatian born Sinisa Kukec, and Turkish-American Stephan Tugrul. All live and work in Miami.

How do we record the sound of violence?

*Build a 2 ton solid concrete cube.

*Mechanize a way to record how the cube receives impact.

*Record the instances of its destruction.

*Orion - It lies on the celestial equator and contains many bright stars, including Rigel, Betelgeuse, and a line of three that form Orion's belt.

*Tympanum - ORIGIN early 17th cent.: via Latin from Greek tumpanon 'drum,' based on tuptein 'to strike.'

For this project, 3PQ worked in collaboration with Gustavo Matamoros.

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