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FLAG PROJECT: Lance Minto-Strouse

Curated by William Cordova




Bridge Red Studios announces the FLAG PROJECT curated by William Cordova. Flags will be designed and created by artists and will be displayed on the Flagpole of the North West corner of the Bridge Red building. Coinciding with the exhibition programs at BRS/PS and Under the Bridge, each flag will be exhibited for the duration of the shows for a period of 6 to 8 weeks with Summer Schedule TBD.

"The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of a flag: A piece of cloth with a special design that is used as an emblem or for signaling. An object intended to give public notice or warning. To direct or notify by a movement or gesture."
- William Cordova

Most flags no matter how abstract. colorful, formal, or geometric often prompt emotional reactions, bring up memories, and provoke dialogue. The concept of a flag is similar in many ways, to that of any and all visual art. The Flag Project explores and illuminates the effective use of visual tools by inviting South Florida artists to design flags as a way to engage society in a public space. Possibly bridging closer the way we define abstraction, meaning, and conceptualism.

Bridge Red and Under the Bridge Art Space present, Untitled (The Power of History) by artist, Lance Minto-Strouse, as part of the new Flag Project. The design for this Flag is based on a 'combination of historical, iconic, and symbolic flags that are still influencing today's society' stated Minto-Strouse

Lance Minto-Strouse is a Jamaican artist of Afro-Chinese, Anglo and Native American ancestry. His work is primarily focused on themes concerning community, temporality, and the quotidian through and anthropological lens. Lance has worked with the Teen Art Program at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami (MOCA), Arts 4 Learning's Teen Residency Program and Perez Art Museum Miami's (PAMM) Perez Teen Council. He is currently pursuing studio and sound art at New World School of the Arts, Miami, FL. Minto-Strouse recently finished various site-specific community interventions addressing social political themes in various South Florida neighborhoods."

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